FAQ and Weigh-In Info for Lee Haney Transformation Challenge
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Why should I join?

Because it works and it’s a lot of fun! Weight loss is exciting and effective because it harnesses the power of self-motivation, the excitement of achieving goals, and the thrill of competition and big cash prizes. Participants in the contests have lost hundreds of pounds in the last 8 years.

How does it work?

The 30-Day Transformation Now Challenge is a one-month weight loss challenge in which individuals compete to win cash prizes. The winning participant is the one that loses the greatest amount of weight during the challenge.

Do I need to purchase meal plans or follow any specific diet plans?

There are no additional fees outside of your registration and are no meals or exercise programs to purchase. We do provide a specific exercise and meal program included in the Transformation Now kit.

How much does the challenge cost?

The entrance fee of $129.99 allows you to compete in the challenge and includes the 30-Day Transformation Now kit.

How do you help me stay on track during the eight-week contest?

The Challenge is based on your own self-motivation and commitment, however the Lee Haney Online Health & Fitness Community provides participants useful tips and information to help you succeed.

Is there a deadline for registering and weighing-in?

Yes, this is determined by the Rules and Guidelines for the Transformation Now Weight Loss Challenge.  If you are not competing in the Transformation Now Weight Loss Challenge, please upload photos two days prior to beginning the kit.

Do I need to have my weight verified?

Yes—twice: once at the beginning,  when submitting your start photos and once at the end while submitting your photos at the end of the program. We do operate on the honor system.

Where do I get my weight verified?

You have two options: (1) You can get your weight verified at by any fitness professional (e.g., at your health club) or doctor and (2) Submission of 3 photos.

Do you have any rules to prevent excessive, unhealthy weight loss?

Yes. In order to encourage healthy weight loss, we recommend following the instructions strictly outlined in the 30-Day Transformation Now kit.

What if there's a tie?

Ties are rare because there are so many factors at play. In the unlikely event of a tie, Mr. Lee Haney himself after carefully reviewing the entries he will select the participant most likely to inspire the most people to lose weight and be healthy.

Is there any way to get a discount on my registration fee?

We offer a discounted multiple registration discount. Meaning if you have a spouse, family member, coworker, and/or associate take the challenge with you, you will receive 20% off both registered kits. Please email us to confirm at transformationnow@leehaney.com

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

No. But you can sign up if you’ve recently had your baby, if your doctor says it’s okay.

Can I participate if I am on weight loss pills or if I have had or am planning to have bariatric surgery?
No this is a natural weight loss challenge.
Do I have to get a membership or a personal trainer at the gym where I weigh-in?

No. You are under no obligation to any health club weigh-in station. While we encourage you to support our sponsors and partners, the weigh-ins are free and without obligation.

Can I get a refund once I start the program?

Lee Haney Nutrition will only issue refunds before the start-date of the challenge or in cases where medical issues or pregnancy prevent you from continuing the program.

Will others see my weight information?

No. Only the winner’s weight will be shown for others to see.

Submitting your Weigh-In Information and Photos

Before participation in the Challenge consult with your physician. To keep the Challenge fair for all, we ask you to have your weight confirmed twice. Once at the start February 1, 2018, and once at the end March 2, 2018.

Weigh-In Procedures:

Ask any health professional (doctor, nurse) or fitness professional (trainer) to witness your weigh-in and sign your form (takes about 20 seconds).

Submit 3 photos:

Participants must provide a full body picture both front and side view (fitted t-shirt/shorts) of their present appearance while holding a newspaper by January 30, 2018 with the current date being shown. Same for the end of event photos.