Lee Haney's "I Train With Lee" Transformation!
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Lose Weight
40+ Years of Experience to Guide You!
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“I Train With Lee” Transformation

If one of your goals for the New Year is to lose weight and experience increased energy, then you need to “Train With Lee”! That’s right! I am committed to putting my 40 plus years of exercise and nutrition knowledge to work with anyone wanting to make a change. Every year people begin the New Year with great expectations, only to end up dropping off discouraged within 2-3 weeks. I am here to help you stay on point and keep you encouraged!

As your Personal Fitness Coach I will provide the following:

1. (3) 15-minute phone consultations.

    • The first phone consultation will take place the week of sign up, to discuss your fitness goals.


    • The second phone consultation will take place 2 weeks from the start date of your fitness program to evaluate your progress.


    • The third phone consultation will take place at the end of your “I Train With Lee” transformation to discuss the results.


2. “I Train With Lee” Bundle which consist of a 7 Day Systemic Cleansing and Detox program created to help rid the body of waste and jump start the metabolism, Fat Burner (30 day supply) created to help the body burn calories more efficiently and rid the body of excess bloat.


3. “I Train With Lee” 30 Minute Digital Workout Video which combines strength training, core exercises, cardio, and stretching. Perfect for burning fat and getting in shape.


4. Free autographed copy of Lee’s new book, Fit at Any Age. Containing motivation, exercise, nutrition, and stress management tools to last a lifetime. A must have, for people at Any Age!

Yes, I Want to “Train with Lee”!

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Order

Order your “I Train With Lee” Transformation package for $189.99 plus S&H

The “I Train With Lee” Transformation package includes:

1. (3) 15-minute phone consultations.

2. “I Train With Lee” Bundle

3. “I Train With Lee” 30-Minute Workout Digital Video

4. Free autographed copy of Lee’s new book, Fit at Any Age

2. Fill Consultation Form

Upon ordering fill out the consultation form.

3. Setup Consultation

After your package arrives, email us at support@leehaney.com to set up your first 15-minute phone consultation with Lee Haney. This will help determine which exercise program and meal plan are best suited for you.

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