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Workout DVD Bundle


Get Fit with Lee Haney and Cupid’s Curobiks workout DVD’s

CuRobiks Workout DVD

  • CuRobiks is now being offered at Lee Haney Nutrition!
  • CuRobiks is a mixture of calisthenics, aerobics and line dancing led and instructed by award winning – multi platinum recording artist, Cupid. This explosive and addicting fun filled exercise method allows for a great full body workout while dancing yourself into shape.
  • CuRobiks comes complimentary with the Transformation Now Kit.

Lee Haney Workout DVD

  • Great 30min workout with Lee Haney and his team.
  • Functional Training based workout program, can be done in-home, when traveling and staying in a hotel, and/or even in any kind of open space.
  • Only need a couple of dumbbells, a medicine ball, or even just your body weight. For beginners all the way up to advanced.
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Get Fit with Lee Haney and Cupid’s Curobiks workout DVD’s


  • Lee Haney’s “I Trained with Lee” 30 Minute Workout DVD
  • CuRobiks Fitness DVD
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