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Fit At Any Age Book Cover

If you’re looking forward to enjoying what the second half of your journey has to offer, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that functional exercise and quality nutrition is a top priority.

Why should you buy “Fit At Any Age”?

Provides a wealth of knowledge showcasing and explaining exercises that help strengthen muscles, increase core stabilization, enhance cardio health, and flexibility.

Takes you through how protein, carbohydrates, and fat works in the body by using basic nutrition guidelines to help create simple meal plans, while also providing tasty recipes along with vitamins and herb recommendations for age management health.

Shares ways to get rid of excess weight, how to deal with stress, and tips on staying motivated.

Provides fitness support tools available by having readers join the community free of charge at where you can workout with the Fit at Any Age exercise video and fitness library.

Fit At Any Age, Lee and Shirley Haney Before and After

Fit At Any Age Workshop

If you would like Lee to conduct a “Fit At Any Age” Workshop for you or your organization please fill out the form below.

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