Lee Haney Speaking Opportunities and Engagements
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Speaking Opportunities

Interview with Lee Haney where he discusses the training methods that made him a champion.


Format designed for Health Clubs and Gyms. Recommended to enhance membership sales for owner. Also a great tool in making available bodybuilding’s legendary icon to advance and beginner bodybuilders. Lee Haney, body building’s only 8 time Mr. Olympia will be live in person at your Health Club. Seminar includes: Weight Training demonstration, Nutritional lecture, Question and Answer, and photo opportunities.
For more information, contact Impact Branding @ 678-390-2681

Here is a Sample Fitness Seminar Schedule

1st SessionThe benefits of strength and aerobic training Proper Form – III John
2nd SessionUnderstanding Your Body Type and the Proper Nutrition. Covering the basic Food
3rd SessionBasic Supplementation (Multivitamin / Minerals, Protein, Creatine, Herbs), etc.
4th SessionSetting goals and Staying Motivating (Philippians 4:13)
5th SessionFat Loss the Proper Way Caloric Reduction, Activity increase, Supplementation
6th SessionHow to Deal with stress from the Inside Out (I Peter 5:6-8, Hebrews 12:1-3)

Want Lee Haney to speak at your next event?

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TotaLee Fit Workshop

Consists of a combine lecture dealing with proper nutrition and a hand on exercise workshop.
Great for Civic Organizations, Corporations, and Churches. Encourages audience participation. Be sure to bring a set of dumbbells (5lb, 8lb, or 10lb), a water bottle, and a towel. A fun way to learn and get in shape.
For more information, contact Impact Branding @ 678-390-2681.

Men’s Fellowship Group

A Biblical view of God’s plan for man. This seminar speaks to the hearts of men as it relates to his wife, children, and community. Lee shares his personal walk with Christ as a father and husband for 20 years while being an 8 time world champion.
For more information, contact Impact Branding @ 678-390-2681

Beyond the Pump

Lee goes beyond the muscle and iron to share his journey as a 9 year old accepting the call to salvation to a 17 year old teenager who one might before bed prayed, “Lord, if you see fit to make me the best at this sport (body building), I’ll go before the world and give you the praise and glory.”
For more information, contact Impact Branding @ 678-390-2681.