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The International Association of Fitness Sciences Personal Training Workshop

March 9th, 2019

Get first-hand knowledge from the first and only certification that speaks to the science of Bodybuilding!

  • Proper Training Technique
  • Training System
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Supplementation
  • Posing Prep

Available Now: Fit At Any Age!

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If you’re looking forward to enjoying what the second half of your journey has to offer, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that functional exercise and quality nutrition is a top priority.

Why should you buy “Fit At Any Age”?

Provides a wealth of knowledge showcasing and explaining exercises that help strengthen muscles, increase core stabilization, enhance cardio health, and flexibility.

Takes you through how protein, carbohydrates, and fat works in the body by using basic nutrition guidelines to help create simple meal plans, while also providing tasty recipes along with vitamins and herb recommendations for age management health.

Shares ways to get rid of excess weight, how to deal with stress, and tips on staying motivated.

Provides fitness support tools available by having readers join the community free of charge at where you can workout with the Fit at Any Age exercise video and fitness library.

Fit At Any Age Workout Trailer:

Access to the complete “Fit At Any Age” Workout included with purchase.

*Access to “Fit At Any Age” workout video available only through book purchase*
*Please allow 3-4 Weeks for shipping of autographed pre-orders*

2018 30 Day Transformation Challenge Winners!

Join us in congratulating the two grand prize winners of the Lee Haney 30 day transformation challenge!

Alexis Delony

Tony Hall


Be like one of the iconic or everyday individuals who’ve had the privilege to train with the only undefeated 8-time Mr Olympia, Lee Haney.

Gary Sheffield

Professional MLB Player

Evander Holyfield

Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Ingrid Saunder Jones

Chairperson, National Council of Negro Women

Steve Harvey

Entertainer, Television and Radio Personality


Meet Lee Haney as he shares his testimony and experiences with you.  Meeting with Lee can encompass a consultation of your physique and honest opinion and training plan if you are interested in the sport of Bodybuilding.  For those not into the sport of Bodybuilding but want to know how to reach their health and fitness goals, this is a great starting point with guidance from someone who has experience with all ages and health levels.

Beyond The Pump Kindle Edition

Read Lee Haney’s testimony in his own words as 8-time Mr. Olympia, Athlete, Father, Husband, and Man of God.

Become a certified trainer with Lee Haney

Become a certified trainer through the International Association of Fitness Sciences.


Attend the event that encompasses health and fitness competition sports from Bodybuilding, Strongman, and many others including activities for kids.


Register now and explore the online community inspired by Lee Haney and his team to help educate you on exercising, nutrition, and inspirational blogs.